Connectis_ smart way to technology

21 years passed from time we found our company. We started as a local firm but today we support Clients in 14 countries over the world.

Connectis_ focuses on IT specialists and team outsourcing. We created Connectis_cloud, a database of IT professionals and management system that helps organize projects. We also deliver custom solutions leveraging our Managed Service model through weekly or bi-weekly sprints.

We have over 350 specialists, ten times more cooperate with Connectis on a B2B basis.

  • We provide space in which Clients and our experts can create the best IT solutions together. We attach great importance to dynamic project management. We always know what the final goal of a project is, but if new possibilities appear during the process we take advantage of it.

  • There are no two identical projects. The best opportunities come from the living process of constant change. As such, we take a fresh look at every stage of the project while still ensuring our customer has control over the direction of the process.

  • The changing business environment constantly shifts. Our approach enables us to adjust the initial assumptions of the project. Our flexibility and agility give us the opportunity to take corrective action when necessary. This is the Smart way to TECHNOLOGY_.


Connectis_ in numbers

14 countries
18 work offers per day on average
years of experience in IT
66 liters of fresh coffee drank daily
350 contracted IT experts
60 000 IT experts