Cooperation models

specialist / it team outsourcing

This model allows to increase an IT team with additional specialists without the necessity to hire them permanently. Thanks to many years of experience we understand the specificity of particular industries and we select specialists to work with them ideally. Flexibility is our advantage, we delegate exactly the specialist you need.

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managed service

In this model you have 100% of confidence as to the final costs and flexible control over your project. Managed Service is the cooperation model adapted to the dynamic environment of modern companies. It was created by combining the advantages of Body/Team Leasing and Fixed Price. In the Managed Service model a project is divided into smaller stages (the so-called Sprints, lasting 2 weeks), thus allowing better control and faster reaction to the changing business objectives.

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Business cooperation models

time & material

the price results from monthly settlements based on service rendition reports, maintained in Connectis_cloud (the real time dedicated for work on the project)

2-week sprint

The work on a project is run in 2-week sprints, a sprint has a fixed price established before the start of a project, depending on the competences and size of the IT team

fixed price

the price, together with the scope and timetable of work, is established before the start of a project

How do we work?


in this model all tasks will be performed for you remotely from one of our offices, with the possibility of holding meetings in your company?s seat


our specialists can also work on site in your location

the most popular technologies we work in

Advantages for you

Thanks to cooperation with us you can delve into developing your business ? we deliver you the tools to do that. Depending on your expectations you choose the cooperation model. In each of them a dedicated Project Manager and Connectis_cloud see to the control, reporting, security and timeliness of work.

  • experienced specialists work for you
  • your team can engage in what they are good at
  • you save time connected with recruitment
  • you diminish the cost of a project
  • you decrease expenditure in hardware and software
  • you have fewer HR issues
  • you work under SLA, you have quality guarantee
  • you have continuous preview of work progress

While working with Connectis_ you have the written guarantee that all of our 6 standards will be maintained.


We guarantee the delivery of specified level of service quality, in compliance with the level required by SLA. Our guarantee is financially secured.


Thanks to the mutually developed model of cooperation we fully protect your interest, with the use of Connectis_cloud, among other things.


Our specialists are obliged to maintain the highest information security standards, your data is protected against access of unauthorized persons.


We adapt the team on a continuous basis, depending on the dynamically changing needs in your project.


You have the possibility of continuous inspection of the work progress and quality of its performance. Thanks to this you know perfectly well what you pay for.


Each project we realize ends with an audit ? a breakdown of costs, advantages, and service quality.