We have created C_school because we believe in employing enthusiastic, talented people who are driven to succeed. Our consultants thrive in challenging roles and are trained to make a difference in your organisation from day one.

C_school provides bespoke training for graduates to transition them into professional IT consultants. The selection process is rigorous and only the best candidates make it through our unique scheme, which combines technical education with industry-standard certifications and professional training.

How does it work

The training program in C_school is free of charge for participants. This allows us to reach the most talented people. C_school students sign a 2-year cooperation agreement with Connectis_. This agreement ensures continuity of service for our clients, but also the possibility of increasing scale of the projects over time.

how does it work
After training, Connectis_ consultants will meet all the criteria a client can require from a strategic partner.

Our consultants are trained in order to impact positively a client’s business from the first day of cooperation. They acquire fundamental key qualifications in a high-quality training focused on technical and business aspects, but also complementary professional skills. Our clients take advantage of the technical competences combined with the C_school’s graduates’ highest motivation.

Teaching and implementation program

C_School has built a teaching model where people are passionate about technologies implemented into commercial projects. Thanks to peer-to-peer teaching methods we can implement the open education priorities into our curriculum.



The peer-to-peer project is developed on the most important principle of professional development, which is high motivation to learn and work. We have prepared custom-designed technological skills training, based on practical learning of the programming languages.

Thanks to the implementation of our concept, we give the most talented technology enthusiasts a chance to learn from real projects and coordinate the process by professionals and practitioners in your field.

The purpose and client’s role

The purpose of Connectis_school is to prepare both individuals and teams for work in commercial projects of our client.The selection of content taught and the direction of training provided for a particular group is directly related to the needs of the client. By working with a company that accepts our graduates in their team, we are able to build an individualized curriculum, based directly on diagnosing company needs and current or planned projects.


  • significant savings compared to hiring freelancers
  • guarantee of continuity of employment for at least 2 years
  • international presence and global ability to render service
  • ability to train not only novices but also to increase the qualifications of experienced specialists
  • intensive learning model which allows achieving high effectiveness of skill development
  • participants are close to your organization, they establish relations with co-workers and get involved into real pending projects from the start of the learning process

Core foundation modules


professional skills and commercial awareness

  • Time management
  • Effective project management


  • Databases and SQL
  • Statements, schemes, synta
  • Data type
  • SQL best practice
  • Functions and procedures
  • PL/SQL querie

excel vba

  • Introduction to VBA basic syntax and Excel object

software development

core technologies
  • Databases: Oracle 10g (PL/SQL), MS SQL Server 2008 (T-SQL)
  • Languages: Java SE and EE, COBOL, MS .NET 4.0 using C#, C++
  • Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • UNIX
design and analysis tools
  • Object Oriented design pillars and SOLID principles
  • Entity relationship data modelling and data normalisation
  • Use of Unified Modelling Language (UML) for analysis and design
development methodologies
  • Test Driven Development
  • Waterfal
  • Iterative
  • Agile

software development: Software Design and Development, Database Design and Development, BI Reporting, Legacy Application Support and Development, Application Design and Architecture

project support

core technologies
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced MS Excel and VBA
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Agile Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Business Analysis Foundation
  • Programme and Project Support Office Essentials
  • MS Visio and Project
  • FIA Risk in Financial Service

APPLICABLE ROLES: Project Support Office, Project Management, Project Analysis

business analysis

core technologies
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced MS Excel and VBA
  • BCS Business Analysis Foundatio
  • Modelling Techniques
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Investigation Technique
  • Business Case, Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management

applicable roles: Business Analysis

software testing

core technologies
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced MS Excel and VBA
  • UNIX
design and analysis tools
  • Risk-Based Profiling
  • V-Mode
  • Planning, Analysis, Design and Deliver
  • Exploratory Testing
testing methodologies
  • Traditional
  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • Iterative
  • ISTQB Foundation
specialist test tools
  • Quality Centre
  • QTP
  • LoadRunner
  • Qualify
  • Facilita Forecas
  • Test Drive – Assist
  • Test Drive

applicable roles: Regression Testing, Test Automation, Functional Testing, Non-functional Testing

production support

core technologies
  • Oracle Database
  • UNIX (Solaris) and Linux
  • Scripting
  • MS Windows Server 2008
  • Operating System Administration
  • ITIL Framework
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Financial Industry Awareness (FIA)

applicable roles: Service Desk Operations, Technical and User Support , Technical Projects, Incident and Problem Management, Change and Release management

data and operational analysis

core technologies
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced MS Excel and VBA
  • FIA Risk in Financial Services
  • Trade Lifecycle
  • Data Analysis
  • Project

applicable roles: Legal and Regulatory Compliance Projects, Market, Entity and Reference Data , Data Migration, Data Cleaning and Analysis, Remediation, Data Mining, Analysis and Presentation


employment contract

e.g. IKEA BMW Roche Accenture IBM Orange Deutsche Bank Statoil AON AXA Vattenfall Nokia Siemens Networks BNP Paribas Fujitsu Mercer

post 2 year options

continue career
with Connectis_

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