New generation IT specialist

A team of specialists trained on your individual needs,
in any technology, in any industry.

Project with Connectis_


We work in all technologies, and we change the competences of our experts, work tools and project realization models according to the way your needs change.

work standard

While working with us you have a written guarantee that we will maintain each of our standards.


Less than a week is all it takes to meet our team of experts. Your team can be deployed as quickly as 7 days.

Technology is the heart of Connectis. Thanks to the Connectis_cloud platform we have created, we connect our Clients with the base of IT experts.

The Cloud enables verification of experts work, financial settlements and communication with them.

Our clients value free access to Connectis_cloud and the full control it gives them over the recruitment process. They choose the experts they want to work with.

Connectis_ is the only company in the IT industry which makes its employees available in the Scandinavian Full Transparency model.

Our Partners

Connectis_ is one of the fastest growing technological companies. This fact is confirmed by independent experts. We were awarded with titles such as:
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