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Learning to Code while Playing Video Games?

Learning to Code while Playing Video Games?


When the word ‘studing’ shows up, you probably automatically think about something unpleasant and difficult that you simply have to drag yourself through. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Check out video games that combine business with pleasure and help you learn to code:


Screeps will teach you JavaScript programming. It’s an MMO strategy game where you program units’ AI and thus control them. What sets this one apart is the fact that it’s based on real use of JavaScript, not some sort of pseudocode.


CodeCombat is used by players from more than 190 countries around the world. This role-playing game has as many as 5 million players who have written over a billion lines of code! If you like RPGs then CodeCombat will suit you perfectly. It develops programming skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Python.


CheckiO is a fantastic tool to help you learn JavaScript and Python – they’re like two ‘teams’ competing against each other during colonization of an alien planet. The goal is to build an environment where programming comes naturally and becomes fun.

Ruby Warrior

Ruby Warrior is a great game for those who like to role play and clear obstacles in a single player mode. Each level brings new challenges and secrets to uncover. As the name suggests, the game will help you learn programming in Ruby.

Coding Game

Coding Game is a collection of games that cover many different programming languages. You can practice and learn over 25 of them when playing the Coding Game. Moreover, quite a few employers use Coding Game-based tests when hiring. The platform also lets you call upon other players for help and code review exercises.

We strongly recommend trying out these games if you want to learn programming the easy way! Be sure to let us know if they have helped you become a top developer!

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