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IT Jobs of the Future

IT Jobs of the Future


The IT industry has a almost insatiable appetite for new specialists that only keeps increasing with each passing year. However, we don’t need the same type of specialists now that we wanted to employ 20 years ago. Technology keeps developing, bringing previously unknown jobs to the fore and a preference for ever-narrowing specializations. What IT professions will become popular in the coming years?

VR Engineer

VR technology is slowly becoming an important component of our everyday life. Even online stores use it to facilitate the process of, say, trying clothes on; and, more generally, simplify the purchase decision process. VR Engineers develop software that enables the system to ‘recognize’ reality, judge distances, and much more. Additionally, VR Engineers also create interfaces for such systems as well as reality-based simulations (which may, for example, be useful during military training). Experts in this area work in technologies like Unity or Unreal. Knowledge and skill in creating 3D models as well as proficiency in how virtual reality operates are another two areas VR Engineers should excel at.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is most often associated with cryptocurrencies because Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency – was its first major use case. In and of itself, the blockchain technology has many other uses. Decentralized systems that ensure complete security of transactions or any other interactions are gaining traction – and not only among startups. A Blockchain Engineer works on and develops such decentralized systems. Market is overflowing with technologies that support Blockchain Engineers in their work – IBM is among the brands championing blockchain solutions. A Blockchain Engineer’s job is very demanding but can also bring hefty profits, as their yearly income can be really high.

Machine Learning Specialist

This is another area where the name IBM crops up, primarily due to the release of their pioneering machine learning-based computer called Watson. Machine learning experts are few and far between, so IBM is also working on introducing tailor-made curricula for developers. Machine learning algorithms can be developed in many programming languages, with Python being the most dominant at the moment.

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